Hire an Osgoode Student

Employers may post their summer and articling positions on MyCareer, the system JD students access for all of their career needs.  This intuitive tool will enhance how you interact with the Career Development Office and the Osgoode student body.

At your convenience you will now be able to:

  • create your own account;
  • manage what information about your office is available to students;
  • post job opportunities and extend deadlines when necessary; and
  • accept and retrieve applications directly through the MyCareer platform.

Click here to create your MyCareer Account now!

Guidelines for Job Postings:

  • Osgoode’s CDO will not post opportunities that are unpaid, whether they are with for-profit or not-for-profit organizations.
  • Employers who wish to post a paid summer or articling opportunity must be in a position to offer at least the provincial minimum wage.
  • Osgoode’s CDO will not post opportunities that limit positions to Canadian JDs only
  • Osgoode’s CDO reserves the right in its sole discretion to restrict, remove or refuse to post any job posting without notice that it feels is inappropriate for our students and/or alumni.
  • Osgoode’s CDO will not post any job opportunity or otherwise circulate employment information where a non-lawyer is seeking a student to perform legal research or engage in any activities that could potentially be construed as providing legal advice.

Required Content for Job Postings:

  • include a brief description of the position;
  • include what you would like included in the application package (ex: cover letter, resume, transcripts, reference letter, writing sample);
  • anticipate start and end dates;
    • salary range; and
    • any special instructions.

You will receive an email from MyCareer once the position has been approved.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please contact Nadine Reid-Warren, our Recruitment Coordinator, at cdo@osgoode.yorku.ca or 416-736-5617.

Students Available to Article

Every year the CDO puts together a book profiling students in third year who are looking for an articling position.  This book is filled with talented candidates who could be the right fit for an employer just like you.  You can request your free copy of the book by emailing cdo@osgoode.yorku.ca.  Please note that positions must be paid to receive a copy of the book. Please note that positions must adhere to the guidelines outlined above to receive a copy of the book.