Advanced Business Law Workshop II: Mergers & Acquisitions

The Advanced Mergers and Acquisitions Workshop II draws together various aspects of securities and corporate law under the broad title of “M&A” and applies that knowledge to analyzing typical problems that confront business lawyers involved in M&A transactions.

What You Will Do

The workshop is highly interactive and utilizes a series of exercises and games that will enable you to delve into the practical aspects of structuring, negotiating, and executing M&A transactions.  The workshop meets weekly for a three-hour session at the offices of Davies in downtown Toronto.  Focused on public companies, you will have an opportunity to explore transactions not only from a legal perspective, but also from the perspective of securities regulators and investment bankers through the participation of guest speakers.  Topics that you will explore include acquisition structures, cross-border transactions, and hostile bids.

What You Will Learn

  • the practical aspects of structuring, negotiating, and executing M&A transactions
  • how to analyze and apply relevant corporate and securities law principles
  • to identify and understand applicable tax, competition, and foreign investment issues
  • strategic considerations
  • negotiation and presentation skills

Program Directors

Adjunct Professor Patricia Olasker

Adjunct Professor Aaron Atkinson