Osgoode’s Holistic Admission Policy

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Osgoode Hall Law School’s admission policy and procedure stresses excellence and equity.  We admit an outstanding class of students whose academic abilities, varied experiences, and sustained engagement make a continuing social and intellectual contribution to the Law School, the legal profession, and the community.

Our admission policy identifies a diverse and exceptional group of students with a commitment to excellence, demonstrated through academic and other contributions to society.  Together with our renowned faculty and dedicated staff, these students form a vibrant, intellectual community that contributes to Osgoode’s international reputation for leadership in legal education, thoughtful and creative scholarship and the promotion of social justice.  We encourage our students, as part of their education, to be critically aware of, and intimately involved in, access to justice and the advancement of the public interest.  Through diverse career paths, our students develop into leaders in all areas of professional and public life.

Osgoode’s historical and contemporary role in diversifying and reshaping the legal profession is second to none.  Our admission policy recognizes, fosters and celebrates excellence and equity.  We consider academic and LSAT results, significant achievements, and the ways in which social inequality can stand between students with a demonstrated capacity and a legal education.  Our admission policy encourages students to identify any barriers that they face in seeking to enter the legal profession.  We place a priority on opening doors to communities that traditionally have been under-represented in the legal profession. In creating each class we look for those who can demonstrate not only intellectual achievement, but also a passion for learning and service. We welcome applications from individuals who have demonstrated, through the length and quality of their non-academic experience, an ability to successfully complete the JD Program.