Application and Tuition Fees

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Osgoode Hall Law School provides comprehensive student financial assistance that includes scholarships, awards, prizes, bursaries, emergency funding and external funding. We make it a priority to provide information, resources and support that will help students with planning for, and financing their three years at Law School.

  • Ontario Law School Application Fee – The OLSAS application service fee is $200 (CDN) plus a law school application service fee of $100 for each law school selection.
  • Law School Admission Test Fee – Basic Fee $200 (USA)

Application Fee Waivers

Application for a waiver of the Osgoode portion of the application fee (CDN $100) can be obtained by writing to  Applicants must demonstrate financial hardship and must provide corroborative documentation.  Requests should be made well in advance of the November 1st application deadline in order to ensure a timely law school application.

Annual Tuition is announced each year in the summer.

2021 – 2022 JD Program Fees

Domestic International
Tuition $24,802.26 $36,560.62
Ancillary Fees* $1083.02* $1083.02
Total $25,885.28 $37,643.64

Joint Program Fees


The JD/MBA Program is comprised of eight terms.  In total, you will pay Osgoode tuition for 5 terms and Schulich tuition for 3 terms.  For more information about when you pay which school, please contact the Financial Services Office.  Please check the Schulich website to view their current tuition.

JD/MES and JD/MA Philosophy

Students in the JD/MES and JD/MA Philosophy program pay Osgoode tuition for all terms spent at Osgoode (6 terms in total) and the other faculty’s tuition when completing work at the other faculty.  Please review the relevant faculty’s website to confirm their current tuition.

Academic Fee Waivers and Payments by a Third Party (External Agency)

York University has provision for academic fee waivers for York employees and their dependents, as well as senior citizens.  There are additional provisions for the payment of fees by an external agency (e.g. First Nations government, embassy, etc.).  See the York University website for full details. 

Entrance Scholarships, the Income Contingent Loan Program and the Early Bursary Notification Program

To be considered for entrance scholarships, Income Contingent Loan Program or the Early Bursary Notification Program, you must complete the Financial Statement with your application, and submit it by the November 1st deadline.  The Financial Statement is available on OLSAS part of your OLSAS application.

  • Entrance ScholarshipsAll incoming students who have completed the Financial Statement are automatically considered for entrance scholarships. Entrance scholarships are awarded based on a combination of academic merit and financial need.
  • Early Bursary Notification program – Our Early Bursary Notification program gives students an indication of whether, based on the information provided in their Financial Statement, they will be likely to receive a bursary during our Fall bursary program. All students, including those who are told they will receive a bursary, must still apply to the regular bursary program in the Fall.
  • Income Contingent Loan Program (ICLP) – The ICLP provides selected recipients with bursary and loan funding to cover the entire cost of tuition for the duration of law school. In order to apply, you must complete the Financial Statement and Supplemental ICLP Form along with your application through OLSAS. More information is available in the OLSAS booklet and on our Financial Services page.

For additional information on tuition and fees, click here.