Deadlines and Policies

Application Deadlines

  • First-year applications to the JD Program are due November 1 of each year.
  • Upper year applications are due on May 1 of each year.

Admissions Policies

Late Applications

The complete application is due at OLSAS by the specified due date. The Admissions Committee strongly believes that adherence to the deadline (with an exception for compelling and extenuating circumstances only) is the best way to ensure fairness among all applicants. Requests for late applications should be directed to

Retention of Materials

All materials submitted by or on behalf of applicants will be used solely for admission purposes and will be kept confidential. The materials will become the property of the Law School and may be destroyed following the year for which the application is made.

Previous Applications

Repeat applicants must reapply for admission through OLSAS and must re-submit all required documentation.

False or Misleading Information

Provision of false or misleading information or failure to provide material information will invalidate the application and will result in immediate rejection, or in the revocation of admission and/or registration.

Requests for a Reconsidered Decision

The Admissions Committee may reconsider an application only in cases of a procedural anomaly in the administrative process. Applicants must contact the Admissions Office within 10 days of the date of the decision and should direct inquiries to

Please note: Reconsideration of a file is based solely on the information available at the time of the committee’s original decision. If a decision is made before the receipt of final grades, our practice is to project a grade of “A” for any pending grades.


Applicants are encouraged to apply in the year in which they wish to enroll. Requests by first-year applicants for a one-year deferral may only be made after the applicant has been admitted, and will be granted only in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Assistant Dean, Students and the Chair of the Admissions Committee. Requests for deferral are considered on an individual, first come, first served basis. For more information, please e-mail