Institute for Feminist Legal Studies

The Institute for Feminist Legal Studies was established at Osgoode in the early 1990s to foster scholarship in feminism and law at Osgoode.

We focus on a range of teaching and research activities, including:

  • Visitors who enhance the work of Osgoode faculty and graduate students
  • Special events and lectures concerned with feminism and law
  • Supporting for JD students in Women’s Caucus
  • Creating a supportive environment for graduate students, including connections with graduate scholarships for feminist and gender research, and opportunities to present work-in-progress
  • Fostering links to: the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law / Revue Femmes et Droit; the GenderJustice Collaborative Research Group; and other feminist and gender research centres in Canada and internationally.


The Institute for Feminist Legal Studies is governed by the members of IFLS, a group that is constituted annually at the beginning of each academic year.  Membership is open only to Osgoode Faculty and Graduate students, but anyone is welcome to attend and participate in IFLS events.


Since 2002 we have hosted scholars from across Canada and around the world.  Visitors are invited for short stays and are expected to participate in seminars and lectures.  See a list of our current visitors.

For more information, please email the Institute’s Coordinator, Lielle Gonsalves or to apply complete the Visitor Application Form.

The work of the Institute is supported by an endowment at Osgoode Hall Law School.