How Do I Apply for CLASP’s Services?

Step 1

Call CLASP for an initial phone interview that will determine if you are eligible for CLASP services.  We will ask questions to understand your legal problem(s) and collect your contact information.

* Please note that our caseload capacity is limited and at times we may not be able to accept new cases in a legal service area. 

Step 2

If you meet our general eligibility requirements, we will contact you within 1-3 business days to book a phone interview. During this call, we will collect specific and detailed information about your case. Please note that completing a phone interview does NOT mean that your application has been accepted. 

CLASP also requires the following documents to fully assess your case:   

  • Photo ID 
  • Proof of income (for all household members in some instances) 
  • Disclosure and Charge Screening Form (for criminal charges) 
  • In certain cases, other documents may be required (e.g. letters, forms, notices, etc.) 

Step 3

CLASP will assess the eligibility of your application. We consider a wide range of factors such as the nature and complexity of your legal issue, the stage of the proceeding including limitation dates and/or hearing dates, and how appropriate the case is for a student clinic to assist with.  

Response Period

After CLASP has completed the intake interview and has received all required documents, an answer about whether CLASP can accept your case will be communicated within 10 business days. (Please ensure that we have accurate contact information.) 

If CLASP is unable to accept your case, we will try to provide you with information about other service providers who may be able to assist.  

Eligibility Guidelines

CLASP can only accept cases that meet all thee of the following criteria: 

  1. Income: Applicants must meet the financial criteria set out by Legal Aid Ontario. (Proof of income required)
    • Applicants whose PRIMARY source of income is social assistance (such as Ontario Works [OW], Canada Pension Plan [CPP], or Ontario Disability Support Program [ODSP]) qualify. 
    • York University Students are exempt from financial eligibility criteria.  
  2. Geographic: Applicants must live within the City of Toronto OR their case is being heard in a Toronto courthouse (10 Armoury Street). 
  3. Legal matter: You have a legal issue that CLASP can assist with. For a list of practice areas, visit our Legal Services page.