How Do I Apply for CLASP’s Services?

Step 1

Call CLASP for an initial phone interview that will determine if you are eligible for CLASP services.  We will ask questions to understand your legal problem(s) and collect your contact information.

Step 2

If you qualify, we will book an in-person interview at the CLASP office to collect specific and detailed information about your case.

 Please bring all of the documents listed below to your in-person interview:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of income for all members of your household
  • Disclosure (if you are facing a criminal charge)
  • Other relevant documents (e.g., relevant photographs, letters, etc.)

CLASP cannot make a decision about your application until we have all these documents. Please note that attending an in-person interview does NOT mean that your application has been accepted.


CLASP can only accept cases that meet the following list of requirements as outlined by Legal Aid Ontario.

  • You must meet the financial test set out by Legal Aid Ontario. You will likely qualify if your ONLY source of income is from:
    • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
    • Employment Insurance benefits (which are temporary and threatened)
    • Old Age Security (OAS) pension, with Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).
    • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Benefits
    • Ontario Works (OW) Benefits
    • War Veterans Allowance
    • Workers’ Compensation Benefits
  • You live within the City of Toronto (you have  a postal code starting with “M”) OR you have been charged with a crime and the charges are from a Toronto courthouse
  • You have a legal problem that we help with. See our Legal Services

You will automatically qualify if you are a student at York University.  However, this may change with the Student Choice Initiative.