Community Work

In addition to working on individual files, CLASP is dedicated to supporting marginalized communities, particularly the Jane and Finch community,through active and engaged community lawyering.  We do so by addressing systemic poverty issues and engaging in advocacy initiatives, including:

  • Public Legal Education Workshops / Capacity Building
  • Law Reform Projects
  • Deputations
  • Community based research
  • Participating in collective dialogues

CLASP also works with various community partners to facilitate discussions and to educate the public on legal issues. Past community initiatives have included:

  • Partnering with the Ontario Law Union after the G20 Summit to provide information about filing Police Complaints to individuals arrested at the Summit but not charged.
  • Partnering with local service providers in the Jane-Finch community to collect evidence and write a report to help bring accountability to temporary employment Agencies in Jane-Finch that violate workers’ rights
  • Operating at various satellite locations in the community, including Metro-North Courthouse, Rexdale Community Legal Services, and Yorkgate Mall.

If your group or organization would like assistance in the areas of law in which CLASP practices, please contact us.

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Satellite Clinic

Unfortunately, CLASP is not able to offer satellite clinic services while students and lawyers are working remotely

In an effort to increase the accessibility of CLASP services, we have partnered with the TD Community Engagement Centre to meet and provide services to our clientele.

Read our report on The Probability of Employment Standard Violations Against Temporary Help Agencies in Northwest Toronto.