New Student

Creating your Passport York Account

If you have not already done so, the first thing you need to do is create your Passport York account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click New Student Sign Up
  3. Follow the instructions to create your Passport York account

Signing into Computing Services

Most services at Osgoode are accessed through your Passport York account, though some services have separate credentials.

ServiceHow to Sign in
AirYork (Wireless Internet)Username: Passport York Username
Password: Passport York Password
MyOsgoodeUsername: Passport York Username
Password: Passport York Password
eClassUsername: Passport York Username
Password: Passport York Password
Password: Passport York Password
OASISOASIS credentials sent separately by Student Services
ExamplifyExamplify information is sent separately by Student Services

Two-Factor Authentication Requirement

Many services require the use of multi-factor authentication.  The best way to set this up is with your smartphone or iPad.

See Duo Two-Factor Authentication for details on how to get it setup.

E-mail Account

You have two e-mail addresses associated with your account:

Mail sent to either address will go into the same Outlook mailbox.  When you send an e-mail, it will come from your address.

You can access your e-mail from a browser, mobile device or Outlook client.

Accessing the Internet

When you’re on the Keele campus, connect your device to AirYork Plus, and use your Passport York credentials to connect to the campus Internet.

See Internet Connectivity for more details, and what to do if you’re having trouble.

Accessing Course Websites

Access your course websites through eClass.

See eClass LMS for more details on using the service.

Printing and Scanning Documents

Printing and scanning devices are available for use in the Law Library, and add other places on campus.

See Printing and Scanning for more details.

Accessing Free Software

You can install  free software on your devices, such as Microsoft 365 Apps and anti-virus applications.  Other applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, are available for virtual access.

See Software for details on accessing these applications.

Other Services

See all the Services for Students, for details on other services available to you at Osgoode.