MachForm Platform Migration

Please be advised that Osgoode has a new, upgraded MachForm platform.  The old instance, WebForm, is being de-commissioned.

Why are we upgrading?

As the community use of MachForm has grown, we are upgrading our MachForm environment to ensure the reliability, stability, and security of the service.

When will this happen?

This will take place beginning in March, 2021.

Is anything changing?

Yes, there will be a few changes once we transition to the upgraded MachForm platform. They are listed below.

  1. Internal & External Environments
  2. There will be a MachForm environment for forms that are created for use within YorkU – You will use this site when creating forms that will be used by members of the York community (whoever has a Passport York username).
  3. There will be a separate MachForm environment for forms that are created for external use – You will se this site when creating forms that will be used by persons who do not have a Passport York username.
  4. Signing in
    1. To sign in to the MachForm sites, you will need to be connected to Pulse Secure (VPN).
    2. When you navigate to the site URL (listed above), you will need to sign in with your Passport York credentials.
    3. You will then by presented with the MachForm sign-in screen where you will enter the following credentials:
      1. Passport York username:
      2. Password: lastname2021
    4. After signing in, please change your password for MachForms by clicking: “My Account” > “Change Password” > “Save Changes”

What happens to my old MachForms?

  1. Forms can be transferred to the upgraded MachForm environment.
    1. We can transfer any forms that were used within the past academic year (Sept – April)
    2. Send an e-mail requesting a form transfer to with the following information:
      1. Full Name of MachForm to be transferred
      2. Link to MachForm to be transferred
    3. Any MachForms containing custom HTML or PHP coding risks being incompatible. If a form exhibits compatibility issues, then you would need to recreate it.