Extracting Mailing List Membership

  1. Start a new e-mail in Outlook
  2. Click the To button to bring up the Address Book
  3. Double click on the Mailing List for which you want the contact list and click OK
  4. Right click on the mailing list in the To field
  5. Click Expand Contact Group
  6. Click OK on the warning that pops up
  7. Optional – Place a checkmark in the Don’t show this message again box and click OK
  8. Press CTRL + A to select all the names in the To field
  9. Press CTRL + C to copy all the names
  10. Open a blank Excel document
  11. Right click on any cell and click Paste
  12. Select the where the list has been pasted
  13. Click on the Data tab in the ribbon
  14. Click on Text to Columns in the ribbon
  15. Select Delimited and click Next
  16. Remove the checkmark from the Tab box; place a checkmark in the Semicolon box
  17. Click Next then Finish
  18. Select all the cells containing contact information
  19. Press CTRL + C to copy the information
  20. Click the Home tab on the ribbon
  21. Select a blank cell
  22. Click the dropdown arrow under Paste in the ribbon
  23. Click the paste icon that corresponds with Transpose