Onboarding Employees


Step 1 – HR Onboarding

The employee must be onboarded through standard HR processes before computing services can be provisioned.

Step 2 – Creating a Passport York Account

The Passport York account provides access to all computing services at Osgoode Hall Law School.  Computing Services Setup cannot proceed without a Passport York account being activated.  Determine the ‘Request Method’ depending on the employee type, there are different ways of creating a Passport York account.  Determine the ‘Request Method’ for your employee using the table below.

Employee Type Request Method




Faculty – Full Time and CLA

Faculty – Visiting

Visiting Scholars

Adjunct Faculty

Self Serve
Vendors and other third-party clients Sponsored Account

 Self Serve

  1. The employee will receive an e-mail from HR with their employee ID, and instructions on creating their Passport York account
  2. The employee should create their Passport York account by following the Passport York & Manage My Services instructions

Step 3 – Submitting the Osgoode ITS Onboarding Form

Staff and Faculty: Submit the Osgoode ITS Onboarding Form

Adjunct Faculty: The adjunct faculty member must have a Passport York account prior to requesting onboardingSubmit the Osgoode ITS Onboarding Form

Note: If you are requesting multiple sponsored accounts, attach the Accounts – Sponsored Account Request.xltx form located under P:\TEMPLATES\Onboarding Forms\ to the Osgoode ITS Onboarding Form

Step 4 – Requesting Other Services

  1. eClass – Access to eClass course sites is granted automatically when the instructor assignments are updated in ARMS
  2. Zoom – Access to a Zoom Pro account is granted automatically through the Passport York account
  3. Maximo / SmartBuy – Request access through oeo@osgoode.yorku.ca

Step 5 – Communicating Next Steps with the New Employee

When the service requests have been fulfilled, advise the new employee to do the following to get setup:

  1. Ask them to review services for New Faculty and Staff
  2. Remind them that when they arrive, to Sign into their workstation using their Passport York account and follow the instructions in the Computing Services Welcome Package to setup their workstation
  3. If the employee requires assistance with their workstation setup, they can call the Osgoode ITS Helpdesk; a Helpdesk Technician will provide remote assistance