OneDrive Migration

With the completion of the Office 365 Outlook migration project, we are starting to look towards leveraging more of the excellent features Office 365 has to offer.  We are transitioning from using the current file share system to Microsoft OneDrive.

This will affect the files you have stored on your X drive, which will be migrated over to Microsoft OneDrive.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is a cloud storage platform that provides file hosting and synchronization services.  It provides an easy interface for accessing your files, and automated backup features.  It is included with the university’s Office 365 subscription.

Why Are We Migrating to OneDrive?

  • OneDrive has 5 TB of storage for every user compared to our shared Network Drive of 10 GB
  • Your files will be accessible through Windows, macOS and mobile devices.
  • You can share files with password protection and/or expiry dates.
  • You can collaboratively edit documents with your colleagues

Do I Have OneDrive Installed?

  • You can check if you have OneDrive installed in Windows by going here:
  • Click on continue and a OneDrive window should open. If nothing happens, click on Download to download and install OneDrive.
  • If you are using macOS, you will need to install OneDrive from the App store

How do I use OneDrive?

How Do I Migrate to OneDrive?

What Do I Need to Do Before Migrating?

Do I Need to Delete My Files in the Network Drive?

  • No, these files will stay intact in the network drive until you confirm with us that they can be removed.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at or by phone (416) 736-5401