Amanda Turnbull

Dissertation Title

Law, Language, and Emergent Creativity: The Algorithmic Turn

Dissertation Topic

Emergent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are now able to emulate the creative process itself by writing books that qualify for literary awards, composing music, and painting portraits that sell on the world auction stage. This body of technology, which I refer to as emergent creativity, provokes an entirely new way of understanding the creative arts, which were once exclusively the domain of human beings. And leaves us wondering if we are shifting the powers of moral and social norm-setting previously held by authors, artists and musicians into the hands of AI? My doctoral research investigates how emergent creativity challenges our current understanding of law and its application, and seeks to highlight gateways to new understandings of the relationship between humans and emergent creativity and points of control.


MA (English), - Carleton University

BA (English) - University of Ottawa

ARCT (Performance) - Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto

Dip. AA with honours (Music) - Mohawk College

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Humanities, York University (2019 – present)

Directed Research Supervisor (philosophy of law, law and literature), Faculty of Law, uOttawa (2016-18)

Instructor, Carleton University/Ottawa-Carleton District Board of Education, May 2006

Music teacher (Suzuki flute, band director, children's programs) 1991-2005

Professional Experience

Research Assistant, Osgoode Hall Law School (2020)

Assistant Dean / Doyenne adjointe, JD Program, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa (2011-18)

Director / Directrice, Communications & Development, JD Program, uOttawa (2010-11)

Manager / Gestionnaire, Communications & Marketing, JD Program, uOttawa (2008-10)

Communications Officer / Agente de communication, Common Law & Civil Law programs, uOttawa (2006-08)

  • Harley D. Hallet Graduate Scholarship
  • York University Graduate Fellowship
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