Current Doctoral Students

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Name Dissertation Title
Haniehalsadat Aboutorabifard Examining the role of transnational environmental initiatives in incorporating environmental values into international investment law

Areas of Research: International Environmental Law, International Investment Law, Incorporating environmental issues into international investment law, Examining the implication and likely effectiveness of voluntary environmental governance, Exploring the challenges of EIA to address climate change issues

Ephraim Ajijola A Practical Approach to Fintech Regulation & Financial Stability in Canada

Areas of Research: Fintech, Payments System, Financial Regulation, Financial Stability, Systemic Risk

Sarah Alghamdi Migration Before and After the Revolution: Governing Migration in Tunisia from Above and Below
Wissam Aoun The International Patent Practice Narrative: Patent Agents, Epistemic Capture and the Patent Bargain
James Barry A Legal Biography of John Reeves
Odelia Bay Promoting Self-Care in the Accommodation of Episodic Disability at Work

Areas of Research: Disability Legal Studies, Labour Law , Canadian Human Rights Law, Legal Research and Writing

Frances Carnerie An Ethnographic Examination of the Toronto Community Youth Court: The Rehabilitation Ideal and Justice-Involved Youth with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues

Areas of Research: Youth Criminal Justice, Law and Justice, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Health Systems and Society

Carolyn Carter Access to Family Justice: An Empirical Study of the Lived Experience of Black Women Navigating Ontario’s Family Courts
Helen Cheng Reimagining digital connectivity through a fiduciary lens: a focus on data privacy and content management at Facebook
Jay De Santi Comparative Common Law Extradition and the Executive-Judicial-Individual Relationship (working title)

Areas of Research: Extradition Law, Constitutional Law and Rights, Criminal Law

Julie DeWolf Impacts of stigma, colonialism, and systemic racism on Indigenous sex worker parents involved in Child Protection proceedings in Canada
Okechukwu Effoduh Masquerade Dance in Tennis Shoes: On the Legitimization of Artificial Intelligence and its Effects on Human Rights in Anglophone Africa

Areas of Research: Human Rights, Artificial Intelligence, International Law, TWAIL, Africa

Kenneth Grad Prosecuting hateful speech: An historical analysis of Zundel, Keegstra, and the criminal law's ability to protect vulnerable communities

Areas of Research: Hate speech/anti-discrimination, Legal history, Criminal law, Constitutional law, Tort law

Roojin Habibi The Progressive Development of International Law to Address Public Health Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response: The Role of Non-State Standard-Setting Efforts

Areas of Research: Public Health Law, Human Rights, International Law, International Relations, Action Research

Samaneh Hemat Understanding International Religious Freedom Promotion: Perspectives from Canadian Development on Sacred Indigenous Land
Danardo Jones Criminal Sentencing Reform: Imagining a Race-Conscious Approach to Sentencing Black Offenders.
Jon Khan The Absence of Deliberate Design in Canada's Legal System

Areas of Research: Human-centered design; empirical legal research; access to justice; judicial decision-making; empirical legal reform.

Josh Lamers The Golden Ticket? Black Child Welfare Survivors, Racial Displacement Through Adoption & the End of Family Policing Systems

Areas of Research: Anti-Black Racism, Child Welfare/Family Law, Social Work, Black Studies, Activism/Organizing

Catherine Le Guerrier Consumer contracts for credit: Private law in socio-econo-historical context

Areas of Research: Contracts in the welfare state, Consumer protection, Adhesion contract, Private law and contract theory, Law and political economy

Robin MacKnight Analog to Digital: Retooling the Taxation of Private Canadian Corporations

Areas of Research: Federal income tax, Canadian private corporations, Tax policy, Intergenerational tax planning

John McKay Colonial Discourse and the Grounds of Law
María Corina Muskus Toro Exploring alternatives to the criminal system for Venezuelan women who have experienced sexual violence

Areas of Research: Criminal law, Sexual Violence, Feminist Legal Theory, Restorative Justice, Venezuela

Adaora Nwajiaku Canadian-Nigerian Engagements in the Area of Women's Rights

Areas of Research: Human Rights, Women's Rights, International Law, International Human Rights, Policy Making In Government

Ona Oshen The International Legal Regulation and Internalization of Artificial Intelligence: Norms, Practices and Transnationality

Areas of Research: International Law, Emerging Technologies and the Law

Inbar Peled Multiracialized: The Predicament of Racialized Minorities in Multicultural Societies
Joanne Prince Conditonal Ownership: Challenging Responsiibility with the Ontario Civil Remedies Act, 2001

Areas of Research: Property, Forfeiture, Criminal law, Anti-social behaviour

Steven Procter Confronting the Contemporary “Art Flipping” Crisis with Artists’ Resale Rights: Millennial Investors and the Chase for Trophy Art in a Post-Pandemic Landscape.

Areas of Research: artist's resale rights (droit de suite), IP Law, Law & Art, Law & Literature, Canadian copyright law

Alexandra Scott Dealing in a World of Reality: Autonomous Weapons Systems, Law, and Professional Ethics

Areas of Research: Law and Technology, Science and Technology Studies, Artificial Intelligence, International Law, Engineering Ethics

Joshua Shaw Sorting Flesh, Making Waste: A Lawscape of Human Remains

Areas of Research: Administrative Law, Health Law, Property Law, Public Law, Legal Theory

Clare Shrybman A Dissolving Dichotomy: Recognizing Positive Rights to Life, Liberty and Security of the Person Under Section 7 of the Charter

Areas of Research: Human Rights law, Constitutional Law, Poverty Law, Reproductive Healthcare, Health Law

Jagteshwar Singh Sohi Environmental justice struggles in India: extractive industries, marginalized communities, and the law

Areas of Research: Environmental Law and Justice, Environmental Politics and Policy, Social Movements, South Asia, Tribes

Defne Sokmen Repurposing the ‘S’: From Performance Disclosure in the Energy and Chemicals Industries
Deanne Sowter Towards a Modified Conception of the Family Lawyer

Areas of Research: Legal Ethics, Family Law, Family Violence, Dispute Resolution, Feminist Legal Theory

Vanisha Sukdeo Regulating the Corporation from Within and Without: Corporate Governance, Codes of Conduct, and Workers' Interests

Areas of Research: Corporate governance, Labour and employment law, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Associations

Amanda Turnbull Law, Language, and Emergent Creativity: The Algorithmic Turn

Areas of Research: Philosophy of Law, Law and Literature, Law and Technology, Legal History

Simon Wallace Banished from Canada: the deportation of de facto citizens

Areas of Research: Immigration law, Refugee law, Administrative law

Kerry Watkins Questioning Canada's Confessions Rule: A Comparative Analysis of Interrogation Law, Practices and Protections

Areas of Research: Canadian confessions law, Canadian police suspect questioning practices

Vincent Wong Structuring and Silencing Unfree Migrant Labour: Racial Capitalism and Canada’s Status-Excluded Communities

Areas of Research: Racial Capitalism, Law and Political Economy, Immigration Law, Access to Justice, International Human Rights Law

Colin Wood The Inertia of the Prison: A Socio-Legal Inquiry into the Persistence of Canadian Carcerality
Summaiya Zaidi Legal Education in Pakistan: Traditions and Transitions

Areas of Research: Legal profession, Legal education, Sociology of lawyering, Postcolonial legalities, Legal practice