Legal Services

We provide free legal services to low income individuals in three areas:

  1. Administrative Law (ODSP, CICB, Human Rights, Tenant Rights)
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Immigration Law

Effective July 2020, CLASP no longer provides family law services. If you require family law services, you can contact the following:

  • Legal Aid Ontario at 1-800-668-8258 (toll-free) for up to 20 minutes of advice over the phone
  • The Law Society of Ontario  at 1‑800‑268‑7568 (toll‑free), which offers 30 minutes of free legal advice to help determine whether a family law matter is urgent.

The legal services we provide can include:


CLASP will go and appear with you to different legal settings, such as a court or tribunal. We will review and take all the necessary steps regarding your case, while working closely with you and discussing your options. CLASP will prepare you and possible witnesses for trials, hearings, mediations or negotiations, and will work with you to gather evidence to support your case.

Summary Legal Advice

Summary legal advice is general legal information that tells you about the law and its application to the circumstances of your particular case.  We will offer to complete a summary advice application in which case a student will research the problem and prepare a written response that will be reviewed by one of our lawyers.

Summary advice does not offer a guarantee of certain outcomes for your case and we encourage you to seek full legal representation regarding your case.

Legal information

CLASP can provide you with general legal information in areas of law that we cover.