PhD Student Profiles

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Haniehalsadat Aboutorabifard Dissertation Title: Examining the role of transnational environmental initiatives in incorporating environmental values into international investment law
Odelia Bay Dissertation Title: Mapping the Margins of a Disability Paradigm: Promoting Self-Care in the Accommodation of Episodic Disability in Employment
Ghuna Bdiwi Dissertation Title: The Value of Calls for Criminal Accountability in the Midst of Ongoing Civil Wars – The Case of Syria
Tamera Burnett Dissertation Title: Listening to Voices from Within: Exploring What Justice Means to Sexual Assault Survivors and the Legal Professionals Who Work With Them
Matthew Dylag Dissertation Title: Access to Civil Justice: An Empirical Study of Ontario’s Reform Initiatives
Aviv Gaon Dissertation Title: Artificially Intelligent Copyright: Rethinking Copyright Boundaries
Sara Ghebremusse Dissertation Title: Re-visiting the 'Resource Curse': Law, the Developmental State, and the Governance of Mineral Resources in Southern Africa
Mohammad Hasan Dissertation Title: Mining Conflict, Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Justice: The Case of Phulbari Coal Project in Bangladesh.
Okey Kalu Dissertation Title: Protecting the Human Rights to Adequate Housing of the Homeless in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Fourth Republic (1999-2015).
Gerard Kennedy Dissertation Title: Balancing Certainty and Substantive Justice in Achieving Access to Justice: A Civil Procedure Journey Through the 2010s
Pavla Kristkova Dissertation Title: A Comparative Study of Judicial Safeguards and Their Potential Impact on ISDS' Regulatory Function
Huaning (Christina) Li Dissertation Title: A Comparative Study of European Patent Box Regimes
Maxwel Miyawa Dissertation Title: Conceptualizing the Accountability of Non-state Actors in the Context of the Right to Development in International Law
Sarah-jane Nussbaum Dissertation Title: Constitutionalism and Criminal Law in Canada
Dana Phillips Dissertation Title: Evidence for Equality: Fact-Finding in Canadian Public Interest Litigation Under s.7 of the Charter
Ian Stedman Dissertation Title: Keeping up with the Times: Are Canada’s parliamentary ethics laws based on outdated conceptions of transparency and accountability?
Pierre Andre Theriault Dissertation Title: Settling the Law: Quality of Decision-Making and Judicial Impact in Canada’s Refugee Resettlement Program
Emanuel Tucsa Dissertation Title: How Will I Know? An Epistemology of Legal Ethics